Time to get out there in this wonderful weather and visit your local botanic garden! In listing out some local and regional gardens...I forgot to mention Tulsa Garden Center, which is a great public space in Tulsa with many beautiful garden areas.

Our guest this week is the Todd Lasseigne, director of the Tulsa Botanic Garden, which is a fairly recent addition to the wonderful garden spaces of Tulsa and our great state.  Todd tells us a bit of history about how the garden got started and the wonderful spaces they have recently added.  This is a must visit for the Tulsa area and the region!

We also have our OSU-OKC Farmers Market manager, Cody Yount, on the happenings at the market, and our Garden Roundup with Denise Welker and Jamie Ashmore of the OSU-OKC gardens.

Hope you enjoy the show!


Our guest for this podcast is Trent Strum, president of the Central Oklahoma Bonsai Society.  Trent is a wealth of information about the awesome art of bonsai!  More can be found at the bonsai society website: bonsaiclubokc.com.

We also have our OSU-OKC regulars with Cody Yount giving us a farmers market update, and Denise Welker and Jamie Ashmore on what's happening in the gardens this week.

All things gearing up for spring!  Hope you enjoy the show.

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Are those cheerful yellow flowers popping up in February daffodils or jonquils?  Is there a difference or just all in the name? In this single segment, Jamie Ashmore from OSU-OKC shares great info on different species and varieties of this beautiful spring flower.


Fun show recorded at OSU-OKC!  Great guests of Cody Yount of OSU-OKC Farmers Market, Dan Wagner and Veronica Mills from Precure Nursery in OKC, and Denise Welker, Greenhouse and Gardens Manager at OSU-OKC Horticulture.

Cody gave us an update on the farmers market for the week.  Dan and Veronica share a wealth of knowledge on plant quality, landscape design, and landscape installation and establishment challenges.  Veronica and Denise talk about our Plants for a Purpose segment on evergreen landscape plants, and Denise gives an update on what's happening in the gardens this week.

Densely nutrituous all about horticulture!  Hope you enjoy!


On this show, we have a roundtable with Angie, Cody Yount, and Jamie Ashmore.

Cody is the new Farmers Market manager at OSU-OKC, and shares his path to get there and what is going on at the wonderful market at OSU-OKC.

Jamie shares some tips for what to do in your gardens in February.  There is plenty to do to get ready for the growing season!



In this show we are honored to speak with Marjorie Moesel, who is a great leader in the horticulture industry and horticulture for youth in the Oklahoma City Metro area.  Marjorie grows interior plants at her company Moesel's Hort Haven, which is at the same location as American Plant Products.  Would be hard to find anyone with a richer background in growing plants as Marjorie, and we had the chance to talk with her a bit about growing plants for interiors.

It was a real treat to have Victor Goetz with us, who is an owner and horticulturalist at Calverts Plant Interiors in Oklahoma City.  Calverts is the gold standard for design of interior plant scapes and interior plant maintenance.  I learned a lot from our interview with Victor (being an outdoor plant person myself!) and hope you do as well.  He covers a lot about their approach to design, their general philosophy of their business, what they have to offer, and trends in the industry.

Enjoy the show!


Again we find a couple of folks who are outstanding at what they do in horticulture!  In this show, we talk with Adam Sarmiento of Eco Landscaping, a company that specializes in working with native plants and native systems to create wonderful landscapes.  Taking sort of a high concept and making it applicable to daily use in the landscape, great work!  Check out their website at www.ecogardenok.com

Our other great guest in this show is Ryan Ochsner, of the Urban Forestry Department in Edmond, OK.  Ryan's department is cutting edge in working with planning and care of both the native and planted tree population in Edmond.  They work with the parks and city maintenance, homeowners, and land developers to work toward a great balance of conservation while allowing for the growth that is happening in Edmond.  An awesome example of how a governmental agency can truly have a daily difference in the lives of the citizens.  The Edmond Urban Forestry information can be found at www.edmondok.com/trees

Hope you enjoy the show!


We covered a lot on this show!  Annie and Angie talked about preparing long term for the ice storms we have in Oklahoma, and a bit about recovery from ice damage as well.  

Freddie Hill, a master gardener specializing in cacti and succulents, joined us to share his amazing knowledge. It is a speciality sort of growing, and we thank Freddie for sharing his knowledge and passion for growing cacti and succulents.

In the last part of the show, Annie and Angie talked a bit more about requirements for indooor plants.  It's really not that hard, but it's very helpful to know where your plants come from, what the pests may be, and what type of water, light, and humidity may affect their health.

Fun show, hope you enjoy!

  1. In this show we feature the wonderful horticulturists David Gerken and Hugh Stout.

David is an Associate Professor at OSU-OKC teaching in the Turf Management area of the horticulture degree program.  He is accomplished in turf management from both a professional and educational standpoint.  David is one of the best resources for turf management information both for grasses and irrigation in the central Oklahoma area.

Many concepts that are used in professional turf maintenance can be applied to homeowners to save water and take care of your turf.

Hugh Stout joins us to talk about the Oklahoma Horticulture Society, which is a wonderful group and a great resource for a monthly meeting of like minded hort folks to share a treasure of horticulture knowledge. You will want to know more about daylilies and irises from hearing Hugh talk on this show!  

I know after talking with Hugh that there are more daylilies and irises in my future...so beautiful and so low maintenance.

Hope you enjoy!


This little recording is one of those things where you think...we should do this more often!  We have been very focused at school taking care of sending info out to students and helping students...then Annie busy at her work with her programs...then we are both busy bringing the best content that we can bring to you as listeners, that we never really thought of just doing a spot promoting our classes at OSU-OKC.

Our producer, Dan the Man, set an impromtu chat about our wonderful classes for spring to some music and I kind of love it.

Give us a call at OSU-OKC if you are passionate about horticulture education.  It's what we do.


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