In this episode, we welcome Rodd Moesel of American Plant Products to talk about a new national program for horticulture education throughout the school years called Seed Your Future, and much more.  You can check out Rodd's blog on horticulture, Rodd's Seeds of Wisdom, at

Cody and Jamie join in for the farmers market and garden roundup.  Cody keeps us up to date on the happenings at the market with new produce and activities each week, and Jamie brings in some flowers blooming from the garden.

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In this episode, Julie Butler shares a bit of her wealth of knowledge on vegetable gardening.  Todays discussion includes methods of storing summer crops, and recommended plants and timing for fall vegetable gardening.  Now is the time, folks!  

Peter Cappadona shares info on a Shriner event featuring Oklahoma wine and cheese.  This event is a fundraiser for a major piecs of diagnostic equipment in one of their Shrine Hospitals for Children.  A wonderful cause and featuring Oklahoma bounty.  The wine and cheese tasting will be August 12 from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm at the India Shrine Center, 3601 NW 36th Street, OKC.  Cost is $20 per person which includes a commemorative wine glass.

Hope you enjoy!  

We are preparing for fall classes at OSU-OKC.  If you want to know more, check us out at or call the OSU-OKC Horticulture Department at 405-945-3358.

Our regular roundup crew will be back for the next podcast, so check back with us next time on All Things Green!


This week Jamie Ashmore shares garden knowledge from the International Master Gardeners Conference, held recently in Portland, Oregon.  Great info on bird diversity, edible plants, and a (relatively) weedless gardening technique. 

Cody and Jamie join in for the OSU-OKC farmers market and garden roundup.

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Have you checked out the horticulture heat zones?  In this episode, we talk with Mike Schnelle, OSU Extension Specialist, about the American Horticulture Society heat zone map and how we can make better plant choices and help our plants beat the heat.  Mike also gives up tips for starting a second round of annual flowers to finish out the last part of our ornamental growing season.  In our OSU-OKC farmers market and garden roundup, Cody shares some thoughts on trying new varieties of summer market produce, and Denise gives an update on the prep for fall and winter greenhouse crops.  Lori Coats joins us for news on her fall vegetable gardening workshop coming up July 29 at Myriad Botanical Gardens from 1:00 to 3:00.  You can follow Lori on Facebook at My Raggedy Herbs.  Stay cool and enjoy!


If you have never heard of an aphid mummy, you need to hear this show! Cleveland County Extension Specialist and OSU graduate student Tracey Payton Miller shares her ongoing active research on aphid control with predatory insects. Amazing info on the overall concept of integrated pest management, preferences of different aphids and predators, and recommendations that are ready for use by greenhouse managers and useful for gardeners as well. Science fiction has nothing on actual real life insect and plant relationships!

In our OSU-OKC farmers market and garden roundup, we have such a contrast between summer crops finally coming in while the greenhouse is getting ready for the winter poinsettia sale!  Plus, Janet Stricklin joins us with information on our new floral design classes in cooperation with the Oklahoma State Floral Association.

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Ever wonder where all the great new varieties of shrubs and trees come from?  We get to know more today in our conversation with Ben Cecil, new product development coordinator for Greenleaf Nursery in Parkhill, Oklahoma.

Their Garden Debut series is developed in coordination with plant breeders and testers all over the country, with Greenleaf leading the effort.  Beautiful new plants with features not formerly available in the species have come on the market the past few years, really changing and enriching the choices open to the landscape consumer, landscape designers and local retail garden centers.  Be sure to check them out at!

In our OSU-OKC market and garden roundup, Cody describes his preparation for 4th of July cooking with fresh produce and meat from the market, and Jamie tells of his battle with the evil trumpetvine!

Hope you enjoy the podcast.  Have a great 4th of July holiday!


Did you know that most plants that are in the commercial marketplace have been trialed by either companies or organizations?  Here at OSU-OKC Haldor Howard, on the horticulture faculty, conducts plant trials for the All America Selections.  Students are involved in the growing and planting of the trials, and are also involved in designing the layouts for trial and display gardens, which are maintained by our awesome garden staff.  Haldor is working with students this summer to involve them in the observation process as well.  A great opportunity for our students to work with cutting edge and award winning plant material!  We talk with Haldor on this podcast about the plant trials.

We also have our farmers market and garden roundtable with Cody, Denise and Jamie.  New produce is always coming in at the market, and Cody highlights their program for doubling the value of SNAP purchases.  Denise and Jamie on the garden, and Jamie gives us examples of using leaf textures in garden design.

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This week it is all about the kiddos!  OSU-OKC hosted a group of middle school students in a program called “So You Want to Be” and showed them some horticulture fun and learning in our orchard, gardens and at the Wednesday Farmers Market.  Was great fun to see the interest and enthusiasm from the kids.

Did you know the Myriad Botanical Gardens have almost daily activities in their children’s garden, plus additional larger activities in the summer for kids?  In this episode, Ann Fleener of  Myriad Botanical Gardens joins us to share info on some of the many activities they have going for kids of all ages this summer and information on pollinator week.  Great activities and a beautiful setting!  Be sure to check out their website at for all of their updates on activities and for links to their social media sites.

In our farmers market and garden roundtable, Cody shares some of the new items coming in the market, Denise and Jamie on the gardens, and Jamie shares his favorite plants for children’s gardens and why kids like them.

Great info if you are planning activities for children or if you are simply a child at heart!


This week we are so happy to have Dundee Butcher of Russian River Flowers as our featured guest!  Located in Healdsburg in northern California, Russian River Flowers holds a wide variety of floral design classes of many levels, and creates amazing floral designs for events.  Dundee recently visited Oklahoma City for a Myriad Garden event, and we got to meet her there and enjoy her stories and views on floral design.  She is very supportive of students and the next wave of floral designers, and always willing to share her experience with others.  I hope you enjoy our conversation with Dundee! 

For more information about Russian River Flowers, you can go to

We also have a roundtable with Cody and Jamie on the farmers market and the happenings in the garden.  A video showing the flowers that Jamie talks about is on our facebook page at All Things Green OK.

Thanks for listening, we hope you enjoy our podcast today!




If you don’t have plans this Saturday, June 3, check out the Chisholm Trail Festival at Kirkpatrick Family Farm in Yukon!  Many activities going on all day from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Chisolm Trail, including lots of historical re-enactments, food, music and dance.

In this episode John Leonard, farm manager at Kirkpatrick Family Farm, visits with us about the history, philanthropy and activities at the farm including sheep, fruit and vegetable production, bee keeping and events.

Our regulars at OSU-OKC join us for the Farmers Market Update with Cody, and Garden Roundup with Denise and Jamie.

Hope you enjoy our window into horticulture for this week!


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